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Cada año, en el Coloquio de Consejeros, representantes de admisiones de más de 20 colegios y universidades presentan talleres para consejeros de escuelas secundarias.

Intended audience: Western Slope High School Counselors and Administrators

 Join College Outreach for the free VIRTUAL Counselor Colloquium

on April 3rd, 2024, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm (MST)

Click here to pre-register and complete a brief questionnaire on your interests.

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Who: Western Slope High School Counselors and Administrators 

What: Seminars on the following hosted by college admissions officers and other experts:

  • Keynote session for all: Real supports for high school counselors in post-secondary advising.

  • Attend your choice of two of the following sessions:

Session 1:  College affordability and the value of a college education: Talking points for your students and families. Financial aid 2024 - Help! FAFSA challenges and aid letter delays. Addressing financial aid discussions between families and colleges. 

Session 2: The college essay and the rural student: How do rural students tell their story and distinguish themselves? Resources for helping students write better college essays. How to address ChatGPT.

Session 3: Strategies, resources, and supports for success in college: Discovering resources offered by colleges and other professionals. Let students and families know how, when, and where to seek extra help from colleges and outside programs.

Session 4: Career and technical programs are college options: Learn about new programs in our backyard and ideas for engaging students and families in these programs.

Closing session for all: Ask a college anything Q&A -  Suggested topics include:

  1. Testing: Are testing requirements returning to more colleges? Impact of Dartmouth's recent decision to return to testing requirements. Strategies for submitting test scores.

  2. Share ideas on how to provide college counseling when your job requires so much more.

  3. How to set up and run an ‘Application Bootcamp’: Preparing a powerful application.

  4. Letters of recommendation: Advising teachers to advocate better for students.

When: April 3rd from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm (MST)

Where: From wherever you are! This virtual event offers flexibility. Tune in for one session or multiple sessions. We will provide a registration link as the event approaches. 

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