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summer programs at international universities

Pacific Discovery

Description: Pacific Discovery Summer Abroad Programs provide a meaningful experience packaged in an exciting overland journey of travel, service learning and connections. Summer programs are in a tiered system, defined by age and high school graduation year. After successful completion of a High School Summer program, students can further increase their problem-solving and leadership skills by participating in one of our College Summer Programs, or Gap Semester Programs.

Location: Pacific, Asia, North America, Latin America, South America

Cost: $4,950–$7,950 + airfare

Length: 2-4 weeks

Smithsonian Student Travel

Description: Smithsonian Student Travel enables high school students to deepen their knowledge and cultural awareness of the world through immersive summer travel programs in the U.S. and abroad. Alongside like-minded peers, experienced trip leaders, and Smithsonian Student Travel Experts, students participate in engaging, educational, and adventurous activities as they experience the world through the Smithsonian lens. Ranging from 14 to 19 days, students engage with their program theme while gaining a deeper understanding of the history, culture, cuisine, language, and environment of their destination.

Location: US and 18 other countries

Cost: $7,290–$9,990 + airfare

Length: 8-20 days

National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y)

Description: The U.S. Department of State’s NSLI-Y program is part of a U.S. government initiative to foster international cooperation by ensuring that Americans have the linguistic skills and cultural knowledge necessary to effectively communicate. NSLI-Y provides overseas critical language study opportunities to American youth through merit-based scholarships to spark a lifetime interest in critical foreign languages and cultures. NSLI-Y offers the following languages: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Persian (Tajiki), Russian and Turkish.

Location: NSLI-Y’s summer programs may take place in the following locations: Estonia, China, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Korea, Latvia, Morocco, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Turkey, and other locations around the world, as conditions allow.

Cost: Free (sponsored by the United States Department of State)

Length: 6-7 weeks

University of St Andrews

Description: The University of St Andrews offers a number of summer courses each year. These courses are taught by full-time members of the faculties of the University and are open to students and individuals from around the world. The Summer Academic Experience Courses (SAEC) offer 16-18 year old students the unique opportunity to experience courses taught in the Scottish academic tradition by current academic staff. Students will get to study an academic subject of their choice, whilst also developing their academic research and writing skills. Students on these courses must have a good level of English.

Location: UK – St Andrews, Scotland

Cost: ~$7,645

Length: 3 weeks

The American University of Paris

Description: AUP Summer School allows you to immerse yourself in French culture and history while earning credits towards your degree or as part of your continuing education by auditing classes. Join our intensive programs in French language or Creative Writing to improve your skills or check out a new field like art history or fashion. Whatever you choose, AUP Summer School provides the ideal mixture of in-class learning and creative exploration of Paris, combining the best of our academic programs with excursions and events around the city. Whether you take one class or a few, you will get to experience the best of what both AUP and Paris have to offer. Applicants should be at least 16 years old to qualify.

Location: Paris, France

Cost: $2,365–$4,730 + $55 application fee and other fees

Length: 3-6 weeks

Università Bocconi

Description: A university is not just a place of study: it is first of all a community of people who interact, engaging not only in education and research, but also in culture, sports and student associations. To show what happens in Bocconi, life on campus and the stories of our community, we use videos, articles, posts, interviews, which you can find on this page, always updated. Go to the website to check out the Bocconi University Summer School stories. Application is open to high school students in their third-to-last and second-to-last year in Italy or abroad. Admission will be decided on the basis of both academic achievement and suitability for the program. The on campus program includes live classes usually scheduled between 9:30am and 12:30pm, as a general rule. Students will take part in a company visit and will work on a group project that will be presented in the last class. Each course schedule will be made available to participants before the start of the program. See the on-campus labs on the university website.

Location: Milan, Italy

Cost: ~$2,525–$2,745

Length: 2 weeks

University of Amsterdam

Description: The University of Amsterdam is ambitious, creative and committed: a leader in international science and a partner in innovation, the UvA has been inspiring generations since 1632. Get the most out of your summer by enrolling in one of the high-quality programs at the UvA Summer School that focus on: Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship; International Relations; Media, Journalism & Society; Politics & Identity; Sustainable Thinking. The summer programs are taught in English and are designed for 16+ year old current high-school students.

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Cost: ~$2,250 (academic and housing fees)

Length: 2 weeks

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